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It has been 75 years since the day we unfurled our flag to announce our freedom. Today we celebrate this day as a reminder of our free status. On this day, we feel proud to witness the many advancements we have achieved in these past years. While most of the society revels in this proud moment, there are few sections of the society that don’t, due to having very little to no knowledge about Independence Day and the history behind this day.

Juana Foundation has made it its mission to make sure that the emerging generation at least knows the history behind Independence Day and the cost it took to achieve this, Independence. Only then will they feel the sense of pride that the rest of the society feels on this historic day. To call themselves Indian with pride, while knowing how much our ancestors fought and struggled to achieve this pride is also akin to giving tribute to our ancestors.

This year, Juana Foundation celebrated Independence Day with the children of the Khanpur Nawal Griha. The celebration began with a welcome note and an opening prayer where the foundation team welcomed all the children and guests to this celebration. After the opening prayer, the team gave a small speech about Independence Day including its meaning and importance.

After this speech, the students were asked to prepare creative depictions of what freedom meant to them which they did through various mediums such as paintings, poems, crafts, and dances. This was done for the students to express their creativity on the given topic. This way they would learn more about the importance of Independence Day in an interactive and engaging manner.

A short quiz was conducted after this creative show to check how well the children knew their country. This quiz was presented with simple questions and multiple-choice answers so that the students engaged with this session. After this quiz, the foundation team and the children took an oath to be responsible citizens. “I, a citizen of India, pledge to be more responsible than I ever was, and take positive steps with immediate urgency, to promote, protect and develop my city, state and country, and therefore contribute towards a better nation.”

The celebration ended with a vote of thanks delivered by the foundation team, thanking the children and the guests for attending the celebration and making it a lively and fruitful event.

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