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Water, one of the most abundant resources on the planet. It is also one of the most essential resources because water sustains life. It should be an instinctual aspect to preserve and conserve this natural resource, however, it is this resource that faces the most neglect and is, therefore, the most polluted. Natural resources of water such as rivers, lakes and ponds are being chocked with non-degradable products, household wastes and chemicals from factories and industries. This is harming the aquatic ecosystem and reducing the amount of drinkable water.

Recently, people have become aware of this problem and have come together to try and preserve this natural resource as well as return it to its pure state. Juana Foundation also pitched in their help to battle this problem. Their help manifested by conducting a “Water Campaign” under their Project Nawal initiative at the Indra Kalyan Vihar Centre. Here the children of the Nawal Griha went around their community with banners and posters explaining about water wastage, importance of water in their community and showing how to conserve water.

While doing so, they also asked the people of their community what kind of problems they faced regarding their daily usage of water. This way they were able to gather a lot of inputs from the people in the community. After this, the collected problems regarding water wastage, water conservation and sanitation were discussed with the trainers of the Nawal Griha, where the trainers asked for the solutions from the children. This prompted the children to learn and know more about these issues and to think about solutions as to how to solve them.

Some of the questions that the children asked were: “What problems are you facing with the water in your community?”, “How to save water in your community?”, and “What other measures can we take to save water?” These questions were answered by the children with simple answers that they did not get water in time. They usually got it after a gap of two to three days. To save water, they said that whenever they came across the tap, the water was always running, so they should educate the people to close the tap when not in use. Some of the other measures to conserve water were to store rainwater and close the tap while brushing, etc.

This water campaign was mainly done to show the people of the community why there was an urgent need for water conservation and sanitation. Once the children become aware of these problems, they would be able to help the planet by conserving and preserving water in their own way. This way, with the future generation being aware of the importance of water conservation and sanitation, it is believed that the problems regarding water wastage and water pollution can be solved in the future.

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