Welcome to Juana Foundation

It seems like it has been a long and quite overwhelming a journey so far, even though we have just started! Team Juana Foundation is in preparation of launching its very first project, ‘Project Nawal’. We feel blessed to have swiftly travelled from milestone to milestone, the world has been kind, indeed! When the winters hit this year, we started working on this dream we call, ‘Nawal’, and to our surprise, people welcomed us with warmth and love! It is not the easiest task to be a stranger and find acceptance in today’s world, so thank you for giving us all this space in your hearts!


Talking of ‘space’, our team has been marching towards another milestone and it gives us immense pleasure to tell you, we are almost there! Team JF is in process of inaugurating the first ‘Nawal Griha’ under the ‘Project Nawal’. Mr. Ramchandra Rai, President Gramin Manav Kalyan Samiti and the beloved local leader, Indira Kalyan Vihar (an urban slum community, South Delhi) has been highly supportive of this initiative and has shaken hands with us on the promise to walk the road to a better India – a better world. Working with Mr. Rai and several other people from the community, our team has created a stir, driving children and adults towards achieving better education and health in the community through ‘Project Nawal’. On 24th December 2019, Team JF organised Christmas celebration in the community and sang to carols with children and parents! While we were decorating our little Christmas tree, the celebration got bigger! Our team shook hands with Mr. Rai as he, on behalf of the community, gave us an official welcome to the community – to work and facilitate development with our project and similar initiatives.


“Aap kaam kariye, hum sath khade hain”, meaning ‘you work, we will stand by you in support’ was a sentence depicting the acceptance and appreciation we received, as Mr. Rai spoke it. Our team is not only glad but even more motivated to work for the children and people of this community, now. With this energy, we plan to change the world, one bit at a time! We ask you, like Mary Oliver would, “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”