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Navya Educators Empowerment Program (NEEP)

About NEEP

Navya Educators Empowerment Program (NEEP) is part of a parent project – Navya Empowerment Programs (NEPs) spread across areas of work. NEEP is a technology-based project which is open for all/any educators minimum 18 years of age and working as educational facilitators to students from an underprivileged section of the society. The premise and the primary theme of the project remains education – with a special focus on technological education & digital/computational skills.


A society where educators and facilitators working for/serving the students belonging to underprivileged sections develop the skills and ability of using technology in their teaching process to in turn enable students with future ready skills.


To mobilize educators toward using technology as an alternate and/or combination (with conventional offline education) medium of education through intervention, support, training, and action.

Micro Goal

To enroll educators from different cities across the country and initiate the process of technological training with them.

Macro Goal

To bring educators of the project to a point in technological training that their skills are at par with (or approaching fast toward) International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards for Educators.

Project Concept

The project is based on skilling of educators in technology through training and simultaneously using this progressing knowledge for helping them to conduct Online Classes for their regular subjects (as applicable based on the students’ grade/class). Essentially, the project focuses on technological advancement of educators based on ISTE Standards for Educators.

Tools Used

Microsoft Teams is chosen as the primary tool for reaching out to educators in the format of an online class. Other tools as included in Office 365 and other platforms such as YouTube, WhatsApp etc. maybe used as a support system to build on content and facilitate engagement & communication between educators and the trainer/s.

Curriculum Foundation

  • ISTE Standards for Educators
  • Special sessions: celebration/Important Days


  • Weekly Assessments
  • Monthly Assessments
  • ISTE Rubrics (Standards for Educators Based):
    • Learner
    • Leader
    • Citizen
    • Collaborator
    • Designer
    • Facilitator
    • Analyst


Each educator shall receive one certificate on crossing each level/standard as prescribed by ISTE. Along with this certificate of completion of the level and promotion to the next, the educator shall receive any certificates they earn within the level by completing courses/unlocking achievements etc. Basic Certification includes:

  • 7 Level-Based Certificates
  • Course Completion/Graduation Certificate  


Team NEEP has designed and follows a detailed curriculum for dispersing training on the seven levels/standards as stated in the project. The curriculum includes various aspects of technology including:

  • Basic: Computer Systems: Introduction and Applications
  • Intermediate: Tools and Functions
  • Advanced: High-Tech Computer Applications including designing & coding