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Nawal Griha IKV

Nawal Griha Indira Kalyan Vihar (IKV) Centre was established in 2019. This is the first project undertaken by Juana Foundation. Under the banner of Project Nawal, the Indira Kalyan Vihar (IKV) centre became the first physical Nawal Griha.

The main beneficiaries of this Nawal Griha were the children of the Indira Kalyan Vihar in Okhla Phase I, a community consisting of more than 1 lakh people. This was created as an educational centre for children of 3 to 14 years. Till date, there are around 94 beneficiaries directly involved and more than 500+ beneficiaries indirectly involved with this Nawal Griha.

The main motive of this Nawal Griha is to provide a safe space for the children, where they can learn life skills and digital literacy along with their mainstream education. Therefore, the students are divided into two batches – The Morning Batch and The Evening Batch.

The mentors at this Nawal Griha help the children by building up their personalities so that they can blend in with the other children in society. Along with this, computer literacy is also provided to the students so that they do not miss out due to a lack of resources and infrastructure. The Mentors also celebrate some eventful dates with the students such as Independence Day, Christmas, etc. Along with these celebrations, the mentors also create awareness of social issues as well as the problems of the people of the community.