Welcome to Juana Foundation

Our Causes

Education for empowerment

We believe in empowering children of the marginalized community by giving them quality education, life skill training and sensitizing them about their rights and responsibility.

Skill to heal. Spirit to care

LGBTQQIAA+ rights are human rights! Begin an LGBTQQIAA+ Ally we aim to empower the people of the Lgbt+ community and educate them to live the sustainable life they deserve. Juana Foundation is giving skill development training to the people living in the Garima Greh (shelter home for transgender) to make them self-sufficient and skilled.

Unleash your inner power

The power lies within us once we learn how to apply the awesome power that we have within ourselves – we will be able to dramatically change or improve our life faster than we thought possible. With this approach, we initiated an awareness program to sensitize individuals about various social issues and their responsibility towards society.

Tech for education

Technology is the future of education and to bridge the gap between education and technology we supported various underprivileged schools and educational institutions with Microsoft teams licences, professional development training to the teachers and technical training to the students.