Welcome to Juana Foundation

Juana Foundation thrives on the motto Reach-Teach-Inspire, and we believe that this motto can live its true form only if we can work towards holistic development of the people and communities we target. Drawing from that belief, our team at Juana Foundation strives to work in the areas which together can act as a catalyst in this development. Thus, the thematic areas our team aims to focus all our projects and initiatives at include education, health and gender while still not ruling out contributing our bit to any other aspects of development, if need be.

Education for Empowerment

We believe almost nothing going wrong can not be set right if we impart the proper lessons to the right people at the right time. While some people might restrict education to children, we believe there is no age that can’t do better with a little more to learn. With this belief, the team at Juana Foundation strives to work in the field of education to generate opportunities for empowerment for all – age groups, genders, and communities – for all.

Health against Hazards

Health is wealth – also everything else around and beyond it. At Juana Foundation, we perceive health as an aspect of life, in presence of which everything is possible and in absence of which nothing might work. We, through our initiatives and projects aim to provide with facilities and create conditions where health can thrive in people – in minds. We aim to provide health against hazards for all – age groups, genders, communities – for all.

Environment for Sustainability

Climate change is Real! and so are the environmental issues arising from it. Some people believe it is fearmongering, but it is indeed affecting the health of individuals. Through our projects, we aim to sensitize and advocate for individuals about various environmental issues. We aim for just a sustainable environment for all.

Gender Parity for Growth

The gap between genders might easily be the widest social gap. Children are built and brought up learning to differentiate in all the wrong ways because we don’t allow them to thrive otherwise. We at Juana Foundation don’t see ourselves separately from the society we live in. We are the society ourselves. This is why, while a thousand minds might be working towards bridging this gap, we want to add a few more hands to building that bridge. With that drive in our hearts, we aim to work to create gender parity for the growth of all – age groups, genders, and communities – for all.