Welcome to Juana Foundation


#BitForBetter is a donation campaign wherein individuals, groups, organisations can come together and collect donate-ables for the underprivileged children being enrolled under Project Nawal (an initiative by Juana Foundation). We want to launch a segment of this campaign with you! To launch, we will install a collection box in your premises and with your help, appoint a Nawal Ambassador! He/she will be a representative for the campaign, responsible for promotion of the campaign, collection of donations and handing over the collections.

Why do it?

• Do it for the cause!
• Get a certificate for being ‘Nawal Ambassador’ and ‘Nawal Champions’*
Feature on our digital platforms (website and social media)
• Nawal Ambassadors can come visit Nawal Griha and meet the children they helped mobilise resources for!


*Nawal Champion: The individuals those who make a donation (Monetary or non-monetary, under the campaign)

Thinking, How?

• For support in kind: Install #BFB Collection Box in your office/college/school/locality
• For support in cash ( money): Donate now, Donate now